Open Procure is a list of government procurement thresholds



Open Procure lists U.S. public agencies and their respective procurement thresholds. This guide identifies the dollar amount under which a government agency can purchase a product or a service directly without having to solicit competitive bids.  The list is meant to streamline the procurement processes so more startups and developers can work with more local governments.  It will also help local governments that are interested in modifying their own current procurement thresholds based on best practices across the country.

Why Make this List?

During the 2015 Code for America Summit last week, I met with Kenny Cunanan who posted a blog in January while he was an intern at Code for America.  The blog was titled: Explore: Map of Procurement Thresholds.  Both Kenny and I quickly realized that it would be great to collaborate on this project together.  Kenny provided the source data, and I built the initial prototype.  Julien Vanier, our CTO, took it to the next level and made it a website worth sharing with the world.

We all hope you enjoy it and decide to contribute with any data you have on procurement thresholds!


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