Raj Kapoor writes on TechCrunch that the Sharing Economy is transforming many industries, but is facing regulation issues from local governments.

You Can’t Ignore the Government

One of the biggest challenges in the sharing economy is regulatory laws that either significantly slow down or outright don’t permit these new services. Our current regulatory structure is geared toward professional, large-scale businesses and didn’t contemplate consumers becoming providers in their spare time or the use of public assets to provide these services. What makes it even more challenging is that the regulations are rarely at the national level – they are often at the city or state level which can be expensive and time consuming for a startup to navigate.

With MuniRent's shared services and equipment platform, we are looking to give local governments the opportunity to be part of the Sharing Economy instead of simply watching it from the sidelines.

We think that being able to experience the same benefits that individuals are feeling with Airbnb, Lyft and others will change the relationship between the Sharing Economy and local governments.