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Equipment and service sharing for public agencies

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Collaborative Government

We believe in Collaborative Government. Our technology empowers governments to reduce costs, increase utilization and improve efficiency. MuniRent takes collaboration to the next level by making it easy to track reimbursements between governments that share.

What is MuniRent?

MuniRent is a website that makes it easy for public agencies to share equipment and personnel.

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Regional sharing

For local governments

  • Rent equipment from neighbors at discounted rental rates
  • Generate revenue when sharing your equipment
  • Share services with nearby communities
  • Let MuniRent handle the reimbursement paperwork
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Internal sharing

For large cities and state agencies

  • Maximize equipment utilization between crews and departments
  • Provide an easy tool for crews to find and reserve equipment
  • See equipment availability on a calendar
  • Get reports about which pieces of equipment are reserved the most

Sign up for regional or internal sharing depending on your needs. Or do both!

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Gain access to an extensive collection of equipment from nearby communities.

See what others are saying

We're always looking for ways to collaborate and do things more cost-effectively for the taxpayer. We have that fiduciary responsibility.

That's why the idea of MuniRent is appealing and unique.

John Adams
Director of Finance, City of Thousand Oaks

Daily engaged managers always need to know what and where resources are available, and particularly those resources beyond their organization's assets.

On an enterprise level, MuniRent is the future of intelligent multi-agency equipment sharing.

Don Newell
Operations Manager, Marion County Public Works

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MuniRent is used by cities, townships, counties, public universities, school districts, and state agencies to improve efficiency.

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